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  • Military Knowledge

    Information on the British Army today, as well as history for a variety of units.

  • Map and Compass

    Information and downloads covering navigation, orienteering tips from the British Army Orienteering Club, and basic map & compass skills.

  • Skill at Arms

    Covering the Cadet GP (A2), LSW, and No. 8 Rifle, as well as basic principles of marksmanship and safety.

  • Fieldcraft

    Covering all skill levels, from basic introductory fieldcraft and skills, to section attacks, ambushes, vehicle checkpoints, and more.

  • Drill

    Individual, weapons, and flag for all levels.

  • Expedition Skills

    Get the information you need to undertake adventurous training and walking expeditions from some of the best sources out there.

About Us

We provide a massive variety of resources for Army Cadets from the ACF and CCF to use to assist and augment training. This ranges from basic fieldcraft, to advanced marksmanship. All of our resources are available free - you may be asked to register in order to view everything, but this costs nothing and takes only a few seconds.

The cadets, as a Uniformed Youth Organisation, have a rank structure that is based around the military. Each cadet service normally mirrors the ranks of its parent organisation, with the prefix "cadet" to all ranks to differentiate those in the armed forces.


Royal Air Force

Royal Navy

Warrant Officer Class 1 Cadet Warrant Officer Master Coxswain
Warrant Officer Class 2 Cadet Warrant Officer Coxswain
Colour/Staff Sergeant Flight Sergeant Petty Officer
Sergeant Sergeant Leading Cadet
Corporal Corporal Able Cadet
Lance Corporal Junior Corporal Ordinary Cadet
Cadet Cadet Cadet


Kit Reviews

We review the latest kit on the market for cadets, and put it through its paces with either reserve forces or cadet units. We have reviews on everything from boots and backpacks, to thermal mugs and camping stoves. Some of our most popular are:

Buying Guide

MicroPillow002-small Our latest buying guide looks at a great field luxury: pillows. We test the latest models from Gelert.

pillows guide

Latest Review

SealLine Case Keeping your kit dry in the field is absolutely vital. Our latest test product is ideal for that!

SealLine cases

First Aid

You should only dial 999 when...

First Aid is a key skill not just for the cadets but for life. Are you up to scratch?

What should we review next?